Miltos Manetas

Fabio Pariante 17/03/2022

Miltos Manetas is a Greek artist in constant search of technological empathy, feeding on synergies made up of encounters, readings, cultures and places without borders. Having started in Greece to discover new ways to feel alive, his art ranges between hardware and software. Oil paintings, digital canvases, and immersive realities become unprecedented still-lifes situated in […]

Fabio Pariante 20/03/2020

1.In your opinion, what is the role of a museum? When it comes to Western-Style painting- the kind of painting  that started with Giotto- the existence of Museums with a strong collection of paintings from the Masters is essential. In places where such Museums do not exist, its difficult, even impossible to produce important paintings […]

Fabio Pariante 15/04/2014

Alcolizzato, ribelle, inquieto e anche un po’ pazzo. Sono questi gli ingredienti giusti per una personalità difficile e geniale come quella dell’artista americano più famoso dell’Espressionismo astratto, Paul Jackson Pollock (1912-1956). Promotrice dell’Action painting, Firenze ha scelto di ospitare la sua arte per la prima volta tra Palazzo Vecchio e il Complesso di San Firenze […]