Fabio Pariante 11/01/2021

To say it in a new, unprecedented form…without deceit. Through multiple modes of expression, Italian artist Elisabetta Benassi recounts the socio-cultural and artistic traditions that have characterized the 20th century. From photography to videos, installations to performances, the Roman artist starts from her beginnings. We perceive, from her, an intense life marked by memories made […]

Fabio Pariante 26/02/2020

His conceptual art is born from the desire to free any object from its natural state for which it was made or found. To give it a new life. The artistic practice of Gabriele De Santis (Rome, 1983) was created on the basis of one modus operandi: between installations and painting in which nature, space, […]

Fabio Pariante 22/10/2019

With the hashtag #PalazzoInMostra, Palazzo Bonaparte was inaugurated in Piazza Venezia in Rome on 9 July: a new space dedicated to art and culture in Italy. After a long and special restoration beginning in 2017 and was completed over a year by Generali Italia Valore Cultura, the 3,000 square-meter palazzo includes mosaics, frescoes and precious […]