Fabio Pariante 08/11/2017

Not only Museum Week. This year for the World Science Day on November 10th, and in preparation of #ScienceWeek 2018 (Nov 5-11), the #MuseumWeek team is calling science centers and museums, research centers and libraries, and all cultural institutions that have something to say in reaction to our disturbing, post-truth climate in which we find ourselves. 

Spread messages devoted to celebrate Scientific facts and scientific methodology using #FactsAreFacts and #WorldScienceDay!

Share facts that need to be heard by citizens -and maybe politicians- whether you’re in the field of “hard” sciences or the social sciences.

You can register for #ScienceWeek 2018 here (confidential list).

Follow: https://twitter.com/scienceweek_

#ScienceWeek is organized by the #MuseumWeek team.