Fabio Pariante 28/12/2021

1.Tell us what you do and your beginnings. My working field is in general sculpture. I ask myself questions about the notion of sculpture. Can a drawing, a photography, a performance, a text have the characteristics of a sculpture – meaning can they be sculptures? Since a longer time, I also try to ask questions […]

Fabio Pariante 24/12/2021

Nove fotografi per ricordare Pino Daniele: Lino Vairetti, Mimmo Jodice, Cesare Monti, Guido Harari, Luciano Viti, Giovanni Canitano, Adolfo Franzò, Roberto Panucci e Letizia Pepori. Si intitola Pino Daniele Alive la mostra dedicata al cantautore napoletano presso la Fondazione Made in Cloister a Napoli che, come una timeline, delinea la vita artistica e privata del blues man attraverso scatti, […]

Fabio Pariante 12/12/2021

The MAXXI – National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome is the first national museum dedicated to contemporary arts and architecture in Italy. Designed by famed British architect, the late Zaha Hadid, it is experiencing a period of rebirth thanks to a busy calendar of international events. But above all, MAXXI owes thanks to the […]

Fabio Pariante 28/11/2021

“I am a pastry chef with a degree in geology and have always been passionate about fantastic worlds. In my country, Bucchianico in the province of Chieti in Abruzzo, I decided to create the county of hobbits, a place to experience nature and human conviviality in a fantastic and bucolic context inspired by the life […]

Fabio Pariante 23/11/2021

1.Tell us what you do and your beginnings. I am an engineer by education, but already in my last year of study I realized that I was interested in 3D graphics. I graduated from the Moscow Film School of Computer Graphics. I studied for two years, and after the first year of study I got […]