Nicola Samorì

Fabio Pariante 05/02/2020

INTERVISTA A NICOLA SAMORÌ, AUTORE DEL NUOVO PROGETTO SITE SPECIFIC A NAPOLI, NEGLI SPAZI DI MADE IN CLOISTER E DEL MANN. Nicola Samorì. Black Square. Exhibition view at Made in Cloister, Napoli 2020 © Danilo Donzelli Photography Nicola Samorì(Forlì, 1977) torna a Napoli. Dopo la prima mostra nel 2009, torna con un grande progetto site […]

Fabio Pariante 28/06/2019

Born in 1977 in Forlì, in Emilia-Romagna, Italian artist Nicola Samorì describes his work with an exclusively tormented approach. In fact, in each artwork, sculpture or painting, he harbors a strong and restless sensitivity that takes shape every time he confronts a figure. His work was shown at with EIGEN + ART (Berlin/Leizpig) at this year’s […]