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Fabio Pariante 15/05/2021

Antony Mark David Gormley was born in London in 1950. He is one of the best-known contemporary English artists, with his research centered on the study of the human body, in which memory and transformation are the foundations for self-knowledge. The body is fragile, but also a “place” to experiment and look towards the future. […]

Fabio Pariante 01/05/2021

“If the virus has closed us in hospitals and homes, the vaccine will finally bring us back into contact with social life and with the nature that surrounds us”. Says Stefano Boeri (b. Milan, 1956), Italian architect, urban planner and architectural theorist, in raising awareness for the national communication campaign for the anti-COVID-19 vaccine in […]

Fabio Pariante 16/04/2021

In a period when our lives are suspended due to the pandemic, we should be asking ourselves questions to make us appreciate the meaning of life, improving our modus vivendi. To appreciate more the simple things that surround us every day, which we might take for granted. Weighing time, space, perception, relationships with the environment and […]

Fabio Pariante 30/03/2021

Documenting wars, pain and bewilderment in people’s eyes, but also the natures, cultures and traditions of a people are the key elements of the photography of Steve McCurry. Born in Philadelphia in 1950, McCurry is one of the most important photojournalists of the last fifty years. A member of Magnum Photos since 1986, his reports have been […]

Fabio Pariante 11/03/2021

“My first affairs with art started very early in my life. I can see now that a lot of my daydreaming as a child relates a lot to what I do, professionally, as an adult”. Brazilian artist Alexandre da Cunha (b. Rio de Janeiro, 1969), based between London and São Paulo, created his signature with […]

Fabio Pariante 11/01/2021

To say it in a new, unprecedented form…without deceit. Through multiple modes of expression, Italian artist Elisabetta Benassi recounts the socio-cultural and artistic traditions that have characterized the 20th century. From photography to videos, installations to performances, the Roman artist starts from her beginnings. We perceive, from her, an intense life marked by memories made […]